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Lodge Logic Cast Iron Bread / Loaf Pans - where you can get them

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Lodge Logic Cast Iron Bread / Loaf Pans - where you can get them

Recently I read that someone (sorry, cannot remember your name) was looking for cast iron bread pans ... I wanted some too ... I found some and was able to purchase two ... got them on eBay ... they were not cheap ... I paid $30 each ... but knowing how well they will serve me & the fact I'll have 'em forever, justified the expenditure ... they arrived & look absolutely brand new ... I'll go back to eBay & see if the seller has any more & will report back here.  Note:  eBay has been the only place I could find Lodge Logic Cast Iron Bread / Loaf Pans.


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Yes!  The seller still has a few more Lodge Cast Iron Bread / Loaf Pans available for purchase.

Good luck & happy shopping.

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What bread bakers really should have is the Lodge Combo Cooker, a cast iron pan with an inverted cast iron pot that fits snugly as a cover.  This captures the steam needed for great crust, as well as the even heating of cast iron.  Or, when making stews or roasts, the pot is on the bottom, dmaking a kind of Dutch oven. 

What this achieves is the same result as the classic French cloche. 

I got the idea from the book by the owner, Eric, of Tartine, the great bakery in San Franciso.


Dan, NYC

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Oh, well ... insert bad word ... DRATS !

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Commerce, GA also has an outlet, so if you travel South, or leave in the vicinity, you can get them there.

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David Esq.

The Lodge Loaf is available on Amazon for $15, shipping included, if you are an amazon prime member.  The loaf pan is sold here: Lodge L4LP3 Loaf Pan

And if you are not an amazon prime member, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial here:Join Amazon Prime

I've also seen a lot of discussion of people baking in the Lodge LCC3 Pre-Seasoned Combo Cooker, 10.25-inch

 ($35 shipped) and the Lodge L8DD3 Double Dutch Oven and Casserole with Skillet Cover, 5-Quart 

Also, $35 shipped.