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Caraway sourdough loaf

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zoltan szabo

Caraway sourdough loaf

Hello to everybody,

I would like to share with you guys my todays bread. I used 100% hydriation sourdough and ground caraway.





% quantity mea need mea
Flour 100% 375 gr 375 gr
Water 66%   gr 247.5 gr
Starer 34%   gr 127.5 gr
Salt 2%   gr 7.5 gr
Oil 2.5%   gr 9.4 gr

 Plus 1 level teaspoon of ground caraway seed.

I mixed together every ingredients yesterday , then today morning i knead it back, then placed into a floured banneton. I left to proof for 3hrs then baked in 220C oven for 30 min. rested on wire rack.

The crust is a wee bet chewy but a bit crunchy(if this makes any sence).

happy baking! zoltan


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Looks great Zoltan!

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That is a very beautiful loaf - did you use AP flour or light rye?