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Bannetons- what size and shapes do you use?

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Bannetons- what size and shapes do you use?

I'm about to buy 2 proofing baskets (bannetons) and a little confused about the size I shuold get.

What bannetons do you like to use?

I think I will go for proofing baskets that can contain a 1.5lb dough but also holds nicely a 1lb dough. Is tere such a thing? If not, what size should I get for 1.5lb loafs?

And also, what shape do think is the most convenient?

Thanks for your help!


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I would say make sure the overall length of the loaves resulting from the bannetons fits in your oven... ie if you are gonna buy 2, as you said, you'd probably like to use 2 at once. meaning if they don't fit side by side on one shelf, they need to be on separate shelves. As a tiny tiny tiny electric oven owner i can tell you that i can't bake bread on 2 shelves. So that would be a big consideration for me.

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I've done soooooo much research on this.  It amazes me that the sellers of bannetons RARELY say how much dough they hold...the main exception to this is Surfas.  I did not buy from them, but appreciated the info.  Here is what I found:

7" round - 1/2 lb dough; 8" round - 1 lb. of dough; 9" round - 1 1/2 lbs. dough; 10" round - 2 lbs. dough.  The information for the oval is a little more difficult - I think Surfas may have made a mistake on these.  I can tell you that I bought a 10 1/2" oval.  It seems to hold about 1 1/2 lbs. of dough (probably up to 2 lbs.).  I recently bought a 7 and some inch square.  It has not come yet.  we'll see!

Good prices to be had at Brotform and at Fante's. 

As far as shape goes...I say go for what you love most first.  You'll get more!

I hope this helps!

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to get 1# of dough into a 2# banneton than 2# of dough into a 1# banneton. i suggest that you buy one size larger than the size of your average loaf.

Stan Ginsberg

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I have the 8" round and 8.5 X 5" Oval from  They are fine for me, but they are small!  Maybe 1# of dough each.  Though they fit side by side on my pizza stone.  Maybe you should try the 8 & 9 inch round, or the 8.5 &10.5 oval if that is your preference.  Best of luck!


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but since they're coming by Parcel Post and it will be a while before they arrive, I'm using a plastic colander lined with parchment paper in the mean time.  The colander is a little over 3 1/2" deep, 5" wide at the flat bottom and 9" wide at the top.  It's perfect for a 3 lb miche which then fits just right into my 5 qt Dutch oven.  I hope that the colander dimensions may be useful to you for ordering larger bannetons in the future if you so choose.

FWIW it should also be possible to calculate the volume of the  oval banneton by assuming that it's approximate shape is half of an ellipsoid...

Has anyone on TFL worked out the relationship among dough weight, hydration and dough volume (before the dough rises)?


Dave Hurd, Hilo, Hawaii

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I will go for the 9" round and the 10.5" oval.

Again, thanks for helping me!


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cheesecake man

You will find the best prices at, all of their brotforms are $6.00 each plus shipping.  They only show three sizes but found that what they have is sufficient.


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but they want a minimum order of $50.00


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You will find the best prices at, all of their brotforms are $6.00 each plus shipping.

Can you provide a link? I couldn't find any bannetons or brotforms on their site.

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three nice shapes

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Thanks..I see them now. Yes, good price, if you want to order under $50 the price goes up by 50% according to the FAQ. I couldn't find if they deliver to Canada, so I'll assume the don't....I've always been happy with Breadtopia but I was just curious :)

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So does anyone have an answer to this because I do not see one. Obviously it depends not only on length/diameter of the basket, but its height as well. I wish, like with everything else in baking, some math could be done to figure it out. We also have to figure out whether or not we are talking about how much dough the basket will hold, or how much dough the basket will hold keeping in mind that it needs to proof to a certain point within the basket without falling over the sides.