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Brown starer sourgough loaf

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zoltan szabo

Brown starer sourgough loaf

Hello to everyone,

I would like to share with you guys my todays loaf.

I made it with brown flour feed 100% hydration sourdough starer.


375gr strong flour

127gr starter

245gr water

8gr salt

10gr vegetable oil

extra flour for dusting

1. first kneading time is for about 10minute by hand.

2. rest for 4-6hrs.

3. knead back for 10minute again by hand.

4. proof in banneton for 2.5hrs.

5. bake in 220C oven for 30min with some steam.

6. 5 minute on 180C with half open oven door.

7. rest on wire rack

By the way guys, I really like this site and I think some of you's have an absolute great talent for this bread baking!






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you seem to have a lot of talent yourself!  lovely!  How did it taste?

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zoltan szabo

hi Spsq, thanks for the nice comment.

It taste absolutly lovely. Lightly sour as i would think its been caused by the grains in the sourdough.

worth to try.

Happy baking! Zoltan