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Pain de mie au levain

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Pain de mie au levain

I found a very nice blog (in French), called Makanai (  - she had a recipe for pain de mie au levain that immediately called my attention.


I include a photo of my bread here, and if anyone is interested in reading a full decription plus the recipe, it is here


We loved this bread, I am sure it can be adapted to different grains and flour composition, I went with all purpose and rye flour about 3 to 1.  


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Postal Grunt

Flo Makanai has contributed to TFL by her posting. Check the archived threads. She knows how to bake.

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Yeah, she is a great baker indeed!


I've been drooling over her blog and making my list of recipes to try  :-)

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This is Paolo from'll be glad to hear that Flo (the author of Makanai) and other four people (also Jane from aulevain..) created a new web page:

Cheers and happy baking.Paolo

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Hello, Paolo!   I saw that link over at Flo's blog - and of course HAD to bookmark it!


Nice to see Jane over there, as well as Steve, from Breadcetera.   Clotilde has been making bread quite a bit too lately.  Should be a cool site to visit.   I am not sure they take articles written in English, or if their contest is for French-written stuff only.  I didn't have time to read carefully yet.

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Flo Makanai

Hi everyone!

Thanks again Sally for your interest in Makanai :-), and thanks Paolo for mentioning our new site,

We will take articles written in English for our new site, but :

- I'll then translate the post in French, too;

- I'm afraid it'll be impossible for the members of the jury to afford sending most of the prizes overseas, so your contribution, which would be a great addition to the site, might not be able to win a prize.

But please send us everything you'd like to be published on as long as it's about BREAD baking, we'll find a way to publish it, with pleasure, as we, bread lovers like all of you, never get tired of reading something more about bread!

Have a nice day!