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2/7/10 - Sourdough Redemption

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2/7/10 - Sourdough Redemption

Hey All,

Just wanted to post my bake from 2/7/10... 

It is based off of this recipe:

But of course, I don't really follow recipes to the "t"...  It's not perfect as there were a few blow-outs, but the crust, crumb, and slightly sour flavor were pretty darn amazing...  Here are the pics first.  I will post the recipe in a few days...




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The crumb is wild! Your shaping skills must be grand to be able to obtain such a delicate and open crumb. Between these and your baguettes, I'd say you've quenched my thirst for some great looking bread today to draw inspiration in the kitchen.

Can't wait to see what you tackle next.

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Thanks!  I am pondering my bakes as we speak...  I would like to revisit the baguette, and then a sourdough...  I may do this one again...  Also, my hand crank grain mill should arrive today, so I may be doing some freshly ground whole grains to build my sourdough starter...