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2/5/10 - Baguette Redemption... Modified Pain a' l'ancienne Baguettes

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2/5/10 - Baguette Redemption... Modified Pain a' l'ancienne Baguettes

Hey All,

I'm sure you've seen my post here venting about my breads not turning out very well:

Anyway, I was inspired to try a Pain a' l'ancienne Baguette from here:

Of course, I can't seem to stick to recipes, so here is what I did instead:

Total Ingredients:

350g AP (Whole Foods 365)

100g BF (KA Bread Flour)

100g Graham Flour (Bob's Red Mill)

350g Water

10g Kosher Salt

100g Firm Sourdough Starter (60% Hydr. straight from fridge)

2g Active Dry Yeast (1/2 tsp)

Total Dough Weight 937g


Day 1

Make soaker with the following:

175g AP

100g BF

50g Graham Flour

325 g Cool Water

-Mix all ingredients, place in a bowl or plastic container, cover and refrigerate for 24hrs.

Day 2

650g Soaker from Day 1

175g AP

100g Firm Sourdough Starter

25g Cool Water

10g Kosher Salt

1/2 tsp Active Dry Yeast

-Mix all ingredients in large bowl, cover and let rest (autolyse) for 20-30 minutes.

-Knead 50 strokes in bowl, cover and rest for 1 hr.

-Turn dough on lightly floured surface, return to bowl, cover and let ferment for 2 hrs.

-Divide into 3 equal pieces, preshape into loose ovals, cover and let rest for 15 minutes.

-Place baking stone on 2nd rack from top, arrange steam pan with lava rocks under stone, off to side, and preheat oven to 500F with convection.

-Shape baguettes by rolling and stretching them gently until they are betwen 15-16" long.

-Proof for 45 minutes on linen couche.

-To bake, place them on peel, slash using lame or sharp razor/knife, place in oven directly on stone.  Add 1 cup of water to steam pan, close oven door, bake for 10 minutes at 460F with convection.  Rotate and bake for another 18 minutes without convection, or until internal temp registers 210F.  Cool for at least 30 minutes before eating...

Notes: I should have baked them at 480F and then at 460F after rotating.





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Nice job, Tim! Great scoring and lovely crumb.


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I have a love/hate relationship with baking bread...  When it's good, I love it...  When it's bad, I hate it...  When it's bad, there's nothing I can think of doing except trying again to prove to myself that I can bake good bread...  It's a vicious cyle...


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Looks like you have overcome your woes Tim. Great job. Especially the crumb.


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I'm not sure that I am fully rid of my woes, but these were certainly nicer looking than the past attempt of baguettes...  However, I'm not convinced that these are the best I can bake...  The crust was not a crackly/shattering as I would like...  I need to revisit my version of Eric Kayser's Baguette Monge that I made earlier this year and see what I can do with it...  Maybe combine this Pain a' l'ancienne idea with the Monge...  I dunno...  To many things to try, and not enough time...

Note to self: don't get too confident or cocky...  It doesn't help the bread...

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Those are some stunning baguettes! Wonderful work on shaping and scoring.

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I'm getting ready to make another batch of baguettes tonight, but different style...  Wish me luck!