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1970s starmix mixer?

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1970s starmix mixer?



I have the opportunity to get a starmix mixer for free, I just need to replace the belt.  This is a 70s era mixer from germany, NOT the current heavy duty italian planetary mixers (its bowl design is sort of like the bosch I think with the bundt pan shape).  However, before I spend time and money fixing it, I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with one and whether it kneads dough well, especially stiff wheat doughs?






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I don't remember if we ever did bread in it, but it was a workhorse. My dad had a thing for "gadgets" and he bought it from a salesman who came to the house. I think it was 69 or 70. I recently inherited it and the motor base still works! I'm planning on giving it a run in the next few days. Wish I had the manual. Can't find anything online about it. I have the food processor, mixer, meat grinder, juicer and ice cream maker attachments. Now if I could just remember how to use them all! :)