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perforated bread pan without teflon?

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perforated bread pan without teflon?

I have a dilemma. I regularly bake crusty french loaves in a 2-loaf perforated Chicago Metallic pan. Our family recently acquired a pet bird, who could potentially die if the non-stick coating on the pan overheats. The chemicals used to make nonstick coatings, when heated to high temperatures, give off gases which are fatal to birds. I am looking for a non-non-stick alternative pan. So far my searches have yielded absolutely nothing. Does anyone know of a sticky (just plain aluminum or ceramic or steel) perforated bread pan? I'm looking for the kind with rounded bottoms, for making batards. Any help would be gratefully received! I'll miss that pan!


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This is a three loaf but I believe it's non-non-stick and you wouldn't have to use all three sections.

Ad says "only one left in stock" so hurry .....

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Thanks for looking. That one is non-stick - if you enlarge the product image is says so on the wrapper...

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Sorry Deb, I missed that.  To tell the truth, after reading your response to my initial post, I had to copy the images and increase it four times to see the "nonstick" on the label.  You have VERY good eye sight.

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I have the Chicago Metallic pan, and although it is nonstick it doesn't look like Teflon. Have you contacted the company to see if yours is or to see what else they may have?

I have a parakeet and used my pan several times so far. No ill effects. The bird is about 35 feet from the oven. Distance may make a big difference too.

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I use large pro pans from Big tray in californis. They need to be sprayed with Baker's joy before baking, also you can get 1/2 perforated sheet pans for home use, also have to be sprayed.

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I have a two loaf perforated aluminum FB pan that I haven't actually used in years since I now bake on tiles.  I don't remember the brand (I'll check tonight if it's visible) but I'm sure they are out there to find.  A little oil or baking spray or even a strip of parchment would work fine with this.

We eliminated teflon pans in our kitchen.  I figure if it's no good for birds, how good is it for us (especially with little kids in the house).  They had those "canaries in the coal mine" for a good reason!  I really like cooking on cast iron since I've gotten the hang of it and don't miss modern non-stick at all.

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If teflon kills birds then what does it do to people, one has to wonder.


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Word is that Teflon is toxic to people as well--but because the concentrations are smaller compared to the size of people lungs v. bird lungs, it causes flu-like symptoms (instead of death) when the pans are overheated.  I would be especially concerned about using them around infants and people with respiratory illnesses.  See this link.  Of course, Dupont, a maker of Teflon products, disagrees. 

I've tried to eradicate them from our kitchen (hubby won't give up his "omlette pans"). 

I think on one of Alton Brown's episodes he discussed this and said that he tries to avoid these pans if at all possible.  Truly, well seasoned traditional cooking vessels can be non-stick and don't carry the concern. 

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Thanks for all your input.

I have been doing a crash course in teflon and all its aliases (Silverstone is one). As soon as you see the word non-stick, it's almost ALWAYS the main teflon chemical, PTFE. There are a few alternatives, now, but not in FB pans. I ordered an uncoated aluminum sheet pan from big tray. I'm gonna trim the edges off and I'm gonna bend that sucker. Wish me luck!


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Do you just want the bottoms to be round?  I get fairly good results (I think) baking on a flat sheet pan.

They make a machine just for rolling sheet metal into a circular form.  You might be able to find a local shop that would cut up your pan and roll it into sections...  I have my doubts that you are going to be able to do a very good job by hand.  I will be curious to see how it comes out anyway.

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Good idea - I'll try a machine shop.

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Don't know if you've come across these guys in your search for pans. 
Lloyd Industries
makes non-stick 1/2 sheet pans that are anodized aluminum that might fit what you're looking for.  They also make baguette and loaf pans, but the baguette ones won't fit in a home oven. 
This other link is for an aluminum baguette pan that isn't perforated but also isn't coated. 

For the record, I don't have either of these pans, but thought they look like high quality items.


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Thanks - the baguette pans are intriguing. I might try those.  The anodized aluminum sheet pans will unfortunately contain the dreaded toxic chemicals, alas.


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Faith in Virginia

Look towards the bottom of the page.

I love this place see if they have something that will keep your birds happy.  Also this is a great place to do business with.  I have purchased much at Fantes.