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Milwaukee flour

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Milwaukee flour

Does anyone know where I would be able to purchase locally milled flour in Milwaukee?  I bake on a regular basis and a 25lb pound of wheat flour wouldn't last long. Is there a mill around where I can buy a 25lb or 50lb bag of flour?  other milwaukee people: where do you get your flour?



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You could try a local bakery, I buy my flour 50lb bags from a local bakery for about 16 bucks - which is only 3 bucks more than the baker buys it for.  Never hurts to ask,

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As far as I know there is not a local flour mill. I can tell you that there are a couple restaurant supply or bakery supply places around that will sell to you for cash if you call and go there. I haven't done that for a while and off hand I can't recall the names, sorry. The best place to look at would be Woodmans Grocery. They have a large variety of flours for a good price and some larger quantities.

If you don't mind a drive, the best price for all the professional flours at wholesale would to go to Valley Bakers COOP in Appleton. Here is the link. They are a full service bakers co-op and carry everything you can think of. They are a Dawn Foods outlet also.

There may be another bakers supply in town that has the same depth of variety but after Karps closed it's thin pickings. Valley will deliver if you order over $400.


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I also live in SE WI, I generally buy  flour at Woodman's, they have KA AP,WW and White WW, and ND Mill flour Dakota Maid AP and WW, I have also bought the Organic 365 AP from Whole Foods. The other source is Honeyville flour(, they sell 50# bags and shipping for the whole order is $4.49. I have used their Artisan and High Gluten flour.




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I'm glad you raised the question-I'm in the same boat. I believe Outpost Foods will sell to you  in bulk. I did that for their organic white wheat berries when it was on sale.Still not very cheap.

My wheat berry source is a daughter that visits the in laws in South Dakota,buys 50# sacks of berries of various kinds there for $15 each and holds it for my next visit. A little awkward.

Is there a Latter Day Saints church/warehouse in the area? That was something I was going to check out.