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sefie ebrahimi



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Sefie, <= is that the correct form of address?

What type of flour do you have available in your country? Is hard wheat grown locally or imported? Or do you use other types of wheat? Or other grains?




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Do you use sheep or goat cheese in your bread rather than cow's milk cheese? The sour salty cheese you describe reminds me of some of the Greek sheep's milk cheeses. What is a gravle?

Very interesting to learn the breadmaking traditions of various cultures, which this site is great for bringing together! Would love to see some photos if available sometime...

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just for compliting my dear friend sefie's post;

for "gravel" she means the oven with surface covered with gravels(a little cracked stones in size of an almond).

liqvan cheese is a type of soft cheese originaly made from sheep milk. it taste salty and is very delicious with any type of bread( i tested it with ciabatta and sandvich bread and many other types) it has a great heavenly taset with walnuts.

here in iran is no classification for flours and its a big problem to find a suitable flour for bread baking. SANGAK bread is made from an unbleached whole wheat flour which has a strong structure ( but a little opaque ) and some where in some cities bakers make it with bleached whole wheat flour ( i think it taste much better and has a very soft and tender structure) .

SANGAK NAN dough is a high hydration dough ( about 75%) and needs some special tools to bake. unfortunatly its kind of impossible to make at home....

i hope this helps you to know about this traditional bread from iran.