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Oroweat WW at Home?

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John Ambrose

Oroweat WW at Home?

I really like the Oroweat Winter Wheat bread. The ingredient list is quite long, including brown rice, oats, barley, flaxseed just to mention a few. Here is the rub. A small dense 24 oz loaf sells for $4.59 at the local groceries.

I would like to make an equivalent bread at home. Can anyone who is familiar with this product recommend a recipe?

Thank you for your consideration,

John Ambrose

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Wayne 305


I don't know if this will help but a recipe in the Bread Bible "Cracked whole wheat" Pg 290 is a recipe that mimics orowheats cracked wheat bread. I see no reason you couldn't add the other grains to it. It is a very good bread. I've made it a number of times.


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John Ambrose


Thanks for the lead. When searching for the Bread Bible, two titles are returned, books by Rose Levy Beranbaum and another by Beth Hensperger. Which book are you referencing?



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the reference is to the Rose Levy Berenbaum book of that title.  (I checked both.)


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John Ambrose

Many thanks Paul.

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I believe I read that Rose Levy Beranbaum modeled her Cracked Wheat Loaf recipe on an obsolete Pepperidge Farm product, but maybe I quibble(and I could be mistaken). I was surprised to learn that, of the total grains, it was 73% ap flour, 14% whole wheat, 13% bulgur wheat.

It still may be what you're looking for, or similar, maybe just not as dense. But again, maybe so.

With all the ingredients in that Orowheat loaf, you could maybe start with any of several recipes. Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads "Multigrain Transitional Sandwich Bread" recipe includes brown rice and a host of other whole grains(and bread flour if desired). His "Multi Grain Struan" is also made with a choice of whole grain products.

All of these recipes may seem to be a little bit involved, for some. 

Anyway, here's a thread about RLB's cracked wheat(no recipe), in which she actually commented in a couple of brief posts: