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Baguette dough pizza

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Baguette dough pizza

I made extra dough this morning to have some left over for a pizza.  It is pretty standard french bread dough. 67% hydration; yeast and salt.  I ferment half the flour overnight, the biga is also 67% hydration.  When it was time to shape our loaves for next week I just scaled out the amount I wanted for the pizza and put it in an oiled bag in the refrigerator.  Putting it together to bake only took a very few minutes.

This pie used 15 ounces of dough and is 13" in diameter.  For toppings I have wild mushrooms and kalamata olives. 

Around here the best pizza place is about on par with a Digorno frozen pizza.  This jewel blows that out of the water.  I think it will become a new "baking day" tradition. 

Just the way I like it. : )

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Postal Grunt

I know that I'm not the only member here that started baking bread after deciding to find a better pizza crust. It must be an international muse or something like that.

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looks great

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Today is pizza day and we went out for dinner. I want that pizza looks so good. Enjoy Patrick

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did you bake the crust first then put the topping??

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I did not bake the crust first.  I feared that I should have about half way through but I moved it to the lowest rack from the next to the lowest and it evened up nicely.

The pan in the picture is heavy aluminum and perforated so that helped I would imagine.