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Brioche in a loaf pan - crust breaking

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Brioche in a loaf pan - crust breaking

Hi. I've been making brioche using recipe from Hammelman's "Bread" in a loaf pan and it seems that i have consistent issue with crust breaking during oven spring. First time i thought this is because i didn't gave it enough proofing. Second time i've proofed it almost 3 hours and the crust still has terrible break. Any advices how i can fix this ?

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What's your oven temperature?  Try preheating to 400 then, just before loading the oven, reduce to 350 and let it finish there.

My Brioche proofs for various lengths of time, depending on the amount of butter I use.  More butter = longer proof.  Your 3 hour proof might very well be too long in any case.