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Reinhart Struan and Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

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Reinhart Struan and Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

Hi everyone! I have both PR's BBA and Artisan Breads everyday and he provides both with a version of his famous bread Struan.  In BBA, he has a different variation which he calls Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire while in ABE, it's called Struan.  I noticed though that even with the difference in name, both have the exact same ingredients except that the recipe in BBA has higher proportions as it makes 2 loaves as opposed to ABE's 1 loaf.  The one major difference however is the inclusion of a soaker in BBA's recipe which was explained as an important step in order to develop enzymes, etc.  The struan recipe in ABE doesn't utilize a soaker which I found odd especially that the amount of grains even seems to be more than BBA's recipe.  Has anyone tried the Struan recipe in ABE? Is the soaker an absolute essential step in getting a flavorful Struan? Also, to those who've tried both breads, is there a significant difference in taste/texture between the 2? I'm thinking that maybe I should just go on and make soaker for ABE's Struan recipe even if it isn't indicated.

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Especially since it's just one loaf, why not try it as per the recipe? Do you think it would be so different(bad, inedible), as to not warrant chancing it?

Trust in Brother Reinhart. Hope you let us know how it goes.

ps: I have not had access to ABE yet, but as I understand it(rightly or wrongly), the doughs have extended fermentation(refrigeration?) periods, ala AB5. If that's the case, maybe there's no knead(pun) for the soaker.

Also, note this link about a typo in the formula, if you are using it:

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the extended fermentation as the possible factor in omitting the soaker in the ABE recipe but it makes so much sense hehe.  I kept on comparing the 2 recipes and completely overlooked that fact! Thanks for pointing that out mrfrost.  Will be making this soon and will let you know how it goes.  The BBA recipe seems easier but I love to see how extended fermentation adds more flavor to the bread as I haven't tried much recipes like this. 

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I tried the ABE version last week and loved it.  I usually like hard crusty breads, but that one was addictive.  The aroma in the whole house as it baked was amazing, too.  It was so hard to wait to cut it!