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Susan's Sesame Sourdough

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Susan's Sesame Sourdough

Inspired by Susan's post on her sesame sourdough I recently made my own attempt. I admit it isn't as pretty as hers but the taste is great and the crumb is also to my liking. Follow the above link to Susan's blog for details if you are interested in the formula.  I followed her formula pretty closely.  My ferment was approximately 20 hours.  The only other thing is that I am in so much of a habit of creating steam by adding ice to the cast iron lid on my lower oven rack I completely forgot I was going to try the 'magic bowl' method until I took the loaf out of the oven and noticed the bowl sitting on the counter, ready to be used.  So much for mise en place! Here are a couple pics of my version:

From bread

From bread


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It's a great recipe, isn't it?  

Your boule and crumb are very nice.

As to the forgotten bowl, well, that's a good reason to make another!

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That looks fine to me. I swear Susan has a patent on the incredible spring and open crumb she gets. I like how simple the recipe is and how repeatable it is too.

BTW, welcome to the "I forgot the bowl club". I do that about every third loaf.