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Unprocessed wheat bran

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Unprocessed wheat bran

Hi Everyone!

I made banana muffins the other day with unprocessed wheat bran. Now I have a big bag of it leftover. Does anyone have recipes that call for this? Also, how should I store it now that the bag is open?


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Store in the fridge or freezer. Freezer for sure for extended storage, considering you may not find ready use.

Add to your bread doughs. At least those with whole grains, if you have an aversion to adding to doughs made with all white flour.

Can also be used for dusting bannetons and bread pans and pots for baking.

Make more muffins and quick breads. Sprinke/mix with cereals, etc.

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Thanks for the tips. I wouldn't have thought to store it in the fridge; I will put it next to the jar of wheat germ and try to remember to add both the next time I bake bread!

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I've been meaning to make a full blog post on this technique, but Graham flour is simply reconstituted whole wheat flour made from 83% white flour, 14.5% bran and 2.5% wheat germ by weight. I've been doing some nice experiments such as lightly toasting the bran and then soaking it overnight. The dough is a real pleasure to handle and the soaked bran is very soft. Hydration levels for the dough is a bit lower than making the dough from whole wheat.

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Andrew S

It all depends on the moisture content.  If it is dry and not smelling other than cereally, a tight closed bag will in a cool, dark place will do.  Bran has lots of enzymes in it which ripen doughs faster.  5% in white flour and around 1.5% fresh yeast with a dough temp of around 26C will be ripe for use in about 45 - 60 minutes.

Alternatively, toast lightly or in a low oven, add to breads for flavour, put in flapjacks, sprinkle over yoghurt with honey, add to cereals etc.


It will only deterioriate if it has a high moisture content.


It is great when toasted with chopped nuts and added to muffins too.



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Storage Hints for Wheat Bran

Store in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it from going rancid.