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Beautiful Crumb not Sour though

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Beautiful Crumb not Sour though

So I have been messing with my non acidic starter to see if I could correct that and get some sour to my sourdough.  I added 1 tsp of cider vinegar to one starter and fed it after 12 hours, then 1/2 tsp to another starter and fed it 3xs (every 8 hrs), and then made a control loaf that was with the original starter.  Now I don't have proofing baskets so when I put them in the fridge they were in greased glass bowls, so I think I can correct the shape.  The one loaf that had the best shape I just plopped out of the bowl onto the stone and didn't try to gather up the bottom before placing it on the stone, like the others.  Live and learn, and hope for baskets for Valentines day.


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let me guess, your oven will only bake one loaf at a time, and the order they were baked in is left to right in the top picture?

The second and third loaves overprove a little while the first loaf bakes etc, so you get less oven spring as you go along.

It's a problem I have anyway - need one of those village bakery type brick oven!

Great bread anyway, nice to see.

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Well, I can actually fit all three loaves, but not with the bowls on top of them.  So,  I put the "right" two in the oven first for 20 min with their bowls on top, then when removing the bowls, added the third loaf (the good spring one) with it's bowl.  I think the reason the others went flat is that since I proofed them in the fridge in a glass bowl with cooking spray the dough was not holding a surface tension at all! So, when I pulled them out of the bowls they just sagged.  The flatter two loaves I actually tried to create a tension right as I was putting them in the oven, so that ruined the proofing that I did (I think).  I was messing with my starter too, all three were done with different starters since it isn't acidic at all I am trying to make it so.

Thanks for looking

Yes, I too dream of a brick/pizza oven...