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Lava rocks- breadbaking bass...

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Lava rocks- breadbaking bass...

Thanks for the reminder - I finally remembered to go to the hardware store to buy lava rocks. I asked for the ones for barbecues and they produced a fancy box of expensive and large rocks. I had the idea that the lava rocks would be small so I asked for the ones used in landscaping and found a bag for $4.95 + tax. Now I am wondering - did I get the correct ones? I had been thinking of "scrumping" some from the empty house next door but they were pretty grungy. Thanks also for the instructions for cleaning them - I know somebody once mentioned the fumes and I assume this would take care of that problem, A.


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Here are the ones I got:

I think if they are the same as the ones for the grill, but smaller, they should be OK.  They might be even easier to arrange in your pan.  Lemme know how the ones you got worked out...




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Thanks for the speedy reply, Tim. I'm going to go ahead and boil enough to fill the cast iron skillet and I'll let you know how they work, A.

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I use lava rocks that were part of my landscaping. Bought at a landscaping company the amt I use probably a quart one would not miss from their garden, nor would a company charge you very much. They probably wouldn't even charge you for the sample. They are real lava and have not been broken down or changed in anyway. Mine are red but I have seen black also. I used a cast iron pan for a while and now I am back to a SS pan that is used in a hot server. Works just fine.