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Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf - regular yeast

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Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf - regular yeast

Now, before finding TFL I thought I knew a lot about bread baking, not so when you consider artisan style breads and sourdough starter.  I am a food storage fanatic, have 4 children and haven't bought bread for probably5-6 years.  Other than the occasional loaf during tax season (I am a cpa).  So, this is the recipe that I use.  I buy my white wheat from Montana Milling (high protien content) and grind it in my ultramill wheat grinder.  Now, I am sure you could just buy wheat flour at the store, provided it has a good high protien content.  Even though I feel I buy the best white wheat out there, I still add VWG.

Here is my recipe. This was before I knew about weighing my ingredients.

2 cups warm water (110-120deg)

2 T sugar

1 T active dry yeast 

dissolve together,

then add

1 T salt, dissolve. 

Then add 3 1/2 cups wheat flour and

1/2 cup gluten,

mix all together (I use my kitchen aid for this), let rise for 45 minutes

Then mix together (I use a 2 cup pyrex)

2/3 cup warm water,

1/2 cup brown sugar,

3-4 T safflower oil (you can use other types of oil, but this has a nutty taste that i like). 

Take oil mixture and add to the yeast/flour mixture, slowly in the kitchen aid (it has a tendency to slosh out if you do it fast),

then mix in 1 egg. 

Add 3 1/2 cups of wheat flour, let knead in KitchenAid until a nice dough ball forms.  Let rise 45 minutes. 

Punch down and divide into 3 loaves, put in greased loaf pans (I use stoneware pans from PampChef) and let rise for 90 minutes or so.  Bake for 27 minutes at 350 degrees. 

It is a perfect sandwich loaf. Even for peanut butter.

I am trying to adapt this recipe to my starter, haven't been entirely successful yet, as I need to propagate my starter to whole wheat, whereas I currently have a rye and a white starter going.


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Thanks for sharing this recipe! 

I tried it today and it was awesome! I just wanted to let you know, as we had discussed this recipe on another thread and I told you I'd let you know once I had tried it. I must admit I was reluctant to "add" things to the bread. I wanted my regular whole wheat loaf to be more about the method bringing about the great flavor rather than additions like vital wheat gluten and sugar. Well, after 4 other whole wheat sandwich loaf recipes (that I tried this past week) creating dry and crumbly sandwiches, I am convinced that vwg and "additions" like egg, sugar, etc are necessary- at least for my family's sandwiches! 

My family raved about the bread! I will definitely be making this again. Tomorrow we'll put it to the test with PB & J's :-) I'm sure it'll hold up great.

Have you ever tried honey instead of the brown sugar? Just wondering if you've tried it and gotten the same result...

Also, love your icon picture- beautiful- a scene very close to my heart :-)

Thanks again!

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I am so glad that you had success with my recipe.  Not knowing a ton of other people that make bread to the extent that I do, I haven't had anyone try it before.  My kids think it is perfect and get a little perturbed when I try to mess around and change it for one reason or another. One thing I have tried is the honey, but it has resulted in a crumbly texture.  I don't know why, and maybe there is something that can fix that, but I don't know what it is.

Thanks for the compliment on the picture, yes I love it too.  I have 4 kids, my two youngest are adopted black children.  My youngest is in the picture with me, the birth mom let me be in the delivery room and see her come out of her tummy.  They are so special to me, just as my biological children are just in a little different way.  I have wanted to adopt black children since I was a child and even had a black baby dolls to go with my other dolls.  Really a dream come true.

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I have been experimenting for quite a while to make a good sandwich whole wheat loaf.. im going to give this a try today.  I have already baked several whole wheat loafs, which turned out not as soft and fluffy as store-bought and ended up eating them.  At one point, I lost interest, and jumped into sourdough.  They were okay, but due to the salt content that we add to the sourdough, i dont prefer to eat them with fruit jelly.  Now again, I am getting back to whole wheat loaf, inspired to try after seeing your receipe.

Will post results and pics.

do you by any chance have a working whole-wheat multi-grain version? I love to bake a multi-grain bread..

Thanks for sharing...

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Hi Utahcpalady!

Since you gave me this recipe I have tried it many times and am still very happy with it. I've been recommending it to everyone!

I just noticed your comment above that you have been working on trying to convert this recipe to using your sourdough starter....

So funny, because I want to use my starter for everything rather than commercial yeast (many reasons). Anyway, I tried this yesterday (I used half my starter and 1/2 the amount of yeast and proofed a bit longer)- It came out okay, but not like the original. 

I wondered what you have tried, and if you had come up with anything as yet. I too have a rye starter and keep a 50% hydration white sourdough starter. 

Let me know if you have found anything that works! 

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I tried this recipe with a few changes and it came out almost perfect, but it is too soft. Probably due to the amount of oil I added during the kneading process, as I did a good 20 minutes of kneading all by hand.  I can still slice it, but I would not say it was a good looking slice..

I was constantly wetting my hands with oil initially to get the dough into a soft managable ball, and a guess is I must have used about 1/4 cup of oil in the whole process.  Also, I reduced your measurements to 2/3 because I was making only 2 loaves.

Any suggestions to make better sliceable bread will be helpful. And Thanks for the recipe this is a wonderful receipe that worked.

Do you have a whole grain version of this?  My multi grain breads are soo dense and not very friendly to eat.. not sure what i am doing wrong.  Once I tried a sourdough version, with grains and it was okay.