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Light Rye Sourdough, Take 2

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Light Rye Sourdough, Take 2

150 g Bob's Red Mill light rye
150 g water
75 g white starter @ 75% hydration

305 g barm
610 g water
915 g flour
22 g salt
3 g caraway seeds

Barm allowed to rise 5 hours. It was wetter than take 1, but I decided to just go with it and see what happened.

Dough very soft and sticky. Miserable to work with, but I persisted. Kneaded for 10 minutes or so.

Initial fermentation in greased bowl for 5 hours.

Proofed in two bannetons for somewhere between 2 and 3 hours (I know, I know: I should keep notes).

Baked in 500 degree oven (my oven sucks, so it's more like 425-450) with steam pan on stone for 30 minutes.

The resulting bread had a lot of holes in it, like a Ciabatta. Next time around, I think I'll up the flour a little bit to compensate for the wetness of the light rye barm. Or maybe just up the amount of rye flour in the barm.

Flavorwise, this is much better than take 1. The caraway impact is much lighter, which allows the sourdough to shine through.

Light Rye Sourdough Take 2

Now, if I could just figure out how to take crumb shots that don't look like the bread is all wet...


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I saw that you use Red mill flour, thats the only flour I use love it.

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That is some good looking light rye!  I'm a big fan of open crumb so I'd say it turned out great.  There's nothing wrong with the picture either, but if you do want to get rid of the 'wet' look try turning off the flash and going with natural or at least overhead lighting.

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Hi, droidman.

That shine is from gelatinized starch. This is something to be proud of in your crumb - a sign of a well-baked bread. However, if modesty prevents you from showing it off, follow occidental's good advice.


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Hello droidman,

I like your crumb image. You must have an active starter going to get that nice open crumb in such a short time. The crust looks perfect to me. If you want to change the shape or profile try developing the gluten a  little more with some stretch and folds. Looks great from here.