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excel spreadsheet

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Doc Tracy

excel spreadsheet

Please let me know if you don't get your spreadsheet as requested. I sent out all requests and one was returned undeliverable. I'm not sure who's it was as I deleted messages while I was sending. Sounds like those who have tried it so far say it's working properly.

I would post the attachment here but I have no idea how to do that.



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I would love to have a copy of your husbands spreadsheet. 

Please send to:

Thank you very much.

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If you can, I would like one also.

Send to:


< >





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I'd be grateful to have a copy. Thanks.

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Doc Tracy

If you haven't recieved your copy yet, please email me at I've been trying to keep up as requests come in so hopefully I've gotten them all. If I missed you make sure you bump me with a reminder.

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Wayne 305

I just joined this forum and haven't formaly introduced myself yet, but I would be grateful for a copy of your spredsheet if posible.

Thank You


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I have pricing software that might help you at

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Doc Tracy

Not sure why I would want pricing software? It's a free excel spreadsheet for members of the forum.

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If the excel sheet works for you by all means use it. I started out using one also and took it to another level.  I believe that people should use whatever they find that is free including bartering whenever possible. It is hard enough for small and home business to make a profit. I charge a very small amount in order to maintain the software and I send the updates out to those people who have bought it for free.  Many small business and home business eventually need something more as I did. Don't know about you but I like to know what is out there that will make my life easier and have the choice.  

Good Luck!


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Edited:  I'll email you as you asked!