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KA Professional 600 Bowl slipping off the tab in the back?

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Stephanie Brim

KA Professional 600 Bowl slipping off the tab in the back?

Anyone else had the problem of the bowl slipping off that little tab in the back that you pop it into before you raise the bowl? Don't exactly know what to do about it and I can't get bagel dough to knead properly unless I figure it out. I'm okay with doing something myself, but I can't think of anything that would work. Extending the little metal piece that pops into the tab would be my best guess as to what to do, but I'd have to find someone to machine the little part and then put it on for me. Worst case there, though, is that I'd have to buy a new bowl if it didn't work.

Suggestions welcome. It didn't even really get warm kneading the small amount of bagel dough I had in there, so I know that it's fine with small amounts. Just need to figure out this one that I don't have to stand at the mixer and hold the bowl on. :)

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will slick

Not every time but a few times. I just hold the bowl down. As far as a fix I just looked at mine and if you take a screw driver and slightly bend the tab forward this should help.

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Stephanie, KA has a great forum which I think you'll find helpful.

Quoting from a recent thread:

Lastly, the bowl should stay firmly in place as long as you're snapping the back rim of the bowl into the bowl clip after setting it on the arms. If you are, and it's not, you might have a damaged bowl clip, which we can replace at no charge. Check it carefully, and let me know if the bowl clip looks damaged.

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Edith Pilaf

I had that problem with my old Kitchenaid K5 whenever I mixed a small quantity of stiff dough -- usually pasta dough -- the whole bowl would detach if I didn't hold it down.  This has not been a problem with the 600 under normal use, except very briefly while mixing Jason's Ciabatta recipe on speed #8, it became dislodged when the wet dough finally cleared the bowl at high speed.  Admittedly, this was probably not normal use.  If your clip is not defective, then I would guess it is from dough that is too stiff which creates an unbalanced load as the dough ball gets thrown against the side of the bowl. I wonder what would happen if you mixed a larger batch?  It might keep the weight in the center of the bowl?? 

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Hi there,

I had the exact problem with my Pro 600 vintage 2004/2005. I worked with KA and replaced the clip first (no luck), the bowl (no luck), and then ended up sending it back and they replaced the whole arm assembly and the rep. I spoke with didn't seem unfamiliar with the issue and quickly moved to the final solution. Suspect it might be a known problem. Mine did it constantly and even with a two egg and 1.5 cup recipe of pasta dough. 


Eventually replaced the mixer with Cuisinart and a Pro 610.