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Mixer advice needed

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Mixer advice needed

Hello wizards of TFL,

My old and trusty KitchenAid died tonight and I am trying to figure out what mixer to buy next.  I would like for the new mixer to have the capacity to mix/knead dough for a minimum of 4 one-pound loaves at a time (could not do that in my old mixer), but also to mix smaller batches of dough for things like cookies.  Being able to mix even more dough would be a plus.  I have heard good things about KitchenAid Professional and would love to have the feedback of those who use it.  I would also appreciate any advice on alternative mixers.  I would consider spending on a pricier mixer for homebakers, or even on a professional mixer, but am wondering if I would still need a smaller mixer for smaller amounts of dough.  

Thank you!


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We've had tons of discussions about mixers here - if you use "mixers" in the TFL search button, you'll have enough reading to keep you occupied for the next 24 hours!

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Edith Pilaf

I replaced my old 325hp Kitchenaid last year with the Professional 600, and I couldn't be happier.  I regularly make 2 1.5-lb loaves of 100% whole wheat at a time, and this mixer handles it with ease.  It doesn't even get warm.  However, for whole wheat, 8 cups flour is the maximum recommended for the 6 qt mixer.  This is about 36 oz of flour and makes barely 4 1-lb loaves using my recipe.   If you are using AP flour, you can use up to 14 cups, so 4+ loaves of white bread would not be a problem.


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Hi there,

There is a TON of stuff on here about mixers. All good stuff. That said, my quick answer is the 7 quart Cuisinart is excellent; and, because of it's tall and narrow bowl, it can deal with smaller quantities relatively well.

Also, I have the KitchenAid Professional 610, which comes only from Williams Sonoma and has a bit more power than the 600. I found it has a tiny bit more umph than my previous 600 did. Also, you can get a 3-quart bowl that fits this machine with a combination whip/blade attachment that does small batches of batters, eqq whites, etc. very well. 



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busy lizzy

I used my new Bosch mixer today love it.  I made 7 one pounds loafs  of cinnamon raisin  bread without a problem.  My KA could have never done this. I still use the KA  for everything but mixing my yeast bread.

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I LOVE my Bosch for bread making, but it doesn't do buttercream very well.  I mix my buttercream for 10 minutes on a high speed and the Bosch couldn't handle it.  The plastic "beaters" that hook onto the metal is what the problem is.  I originally sold my KitchenAid, but then bought the KitchenAid Professional 600 6qt 575 Watt Stand Mixer!  I have a use for both of them and LOVE both of them!