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Lame VS Tomato Knife

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Lame VS Tomato Knife

Was wanting some information from anyone whom has used both. I currently use the Pure Komachi 2 Tomato knife but was wondering if there was an advantage to using an actual Lame.

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I use a lame because that was what I was trained with. I find that a good sharp knife works in a pinch. I like the lame because you can do a lot more different cuts and if you get good at it I think it can make a deeper cleaner cut. Hope this helps

Tom Georgalas

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I really like the lame because it's like an ice skate--it has a certain sharpness flexibility and once you learn to control it you can move gracefully at any angle. 

But on certain very wet doughs,  nothing beats a cheap serrated paring knife I got at the dollar store because the serrations give the knife a "tooth" to really catch the dough. 

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I was very frustrated with my Matfer lame, I got some single edge razor blades and didn't like those either.  I then tried a double edge razor blade fitted to a popsicle stick; this is now working wonderfully for me.

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I have much more consistent results with a tomato knife.  Perhaps it is because I am commonly baking higher hydration doughs, or just lack of experience but it is very rare for me to have a clean score with a lame.  I do have both and still use the lame but my preference is the tomato knife.