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My favorite breads to bake are __________ .

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My favorite breads to bake are __________ .

My favorite breads to bake are _______________.

( Fill in the blank. )

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Simple, goes with everything

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Not only are they a challenge, both in forming and slashing. But they are my favorite to eat.

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Frequent Flyer

Anything with unbleached white flour.  I love working with that dough.

 My favorite things to EAT are whole grain sandwhich loaves.

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Hamelman's Vermont sourdough boule

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Sourdough baguettes, because they are pretty foolproof.  Even if you make a mistake it is tasty!  Can you tell I am a crust-eater?

I sprinkle on a little kosher salt before baking.  That way I can do butter or no butter - depending on how badly I need to diet!


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I love making biscuits,loaves,muffins and other bakery items. especially I love to bake Sourdough Bread Starter. It is easy as well as healthy. You need to add water, flour, domestic yeast. For flavor you can have sugar or honey. First of all, make a dough by pouring water into a two-quart glass then add dissolved the sugar or honey. You can add yeast after dissolving. Stir the flour consistently. Cover the mixture with a clean dishcloth. For better result you can place it some where warm. Soon you result bubble and brew. Let it work at least for 2-5 days, stirring it about once a day as it will separate. You will result bubble, let the bubble separate. Remember to refrigerate in whirlpool refrigerators which is reliable for instant cooling then you can use after it get ready.