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just bought>>>all-grain flour mill a33

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just bought>>>all-grain flour mill a33

just bought my very first ever mill- its an electric mill named all-grain flour mill a33x model made in utah.  this beast is 30 pounds of  serious stainless steel and motor!  it is round and tall, bottom houses the motor and is 9x12" tall plus an additional 9"on top holds the top stone mill and grain cylinder. it is vintage and HUGE!

i was originally looking at a wondermill or a blendtec b/c they looked smaller- have a small kitchen. crossed out the nutrimill b/c it looked sooo big,  but this came up on craigslist- couldn't tell how large it was until i saw it in person- it's HUGE but solid and beautiful... and messy/dusty.  it is a stone mill.  took the top half off to clean off the old flour and whatever else it accumulated in storage. i brought some whole grains- tried the fine and course-shoots out of the spout!  i need to get a proper bucket and/or mill outside!

i couldn't find much information about this particular company and brand but i think it is is a quality piece. if not, a very huge and heavy paperweight.

ebay has a listing right now,  same model,  mine is dustier at the moment.


now i just need to buy some organic whole grains!



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Congrats on your grinder. I hope it works out well for you. Grinding is great fun!

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congrats. I have a Fidibus stone mill and am very happy with it. I like that it doesn't overheat the flour. And that you can vary the coarseness.