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dakota maid bread flour

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dakota maid bread flour

Does anyone know where I can buy Dakota Maid bread flour in 25 or 50 lb bags in the metro Chicago area?  I live in the far southwest suburbs (New Lenox) and am willing to drive!  I see it on Sams Club website, but not available in my zip.



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Try your local Great Harvest Bread Company. I know a few, and I work at one as well baking, and we use those flours on occasions. They would be glad to sell you some I am sure.

My experience though with that flour is it isn't that great. I end up just buying wholesale 50lb bags of King Arthur Flour from work : )

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Thanks for the tip.  I tried but they won't sell bulk - only 2 lbs bags of their milled ww.  is your bakery close by?  if so, i'd be happy to work with yours for some KA.


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I have been using Dakota Maid Bread Flour for that last few weeks. I ordered a 25# bag from the mill and with shipping it was $24. I like the flour and want to try the AP product they offer as well. When I wrote to the mill to inquire about a local source, they suggested Woodmans for Wisconsin area. There are Woodmans stores near Milwaukee and one in Racine/Kenosha on the I-94 outlet stores I believe. Here is a link to the store locations. I see there are some in Illinois.