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Can i use something instead of honey?

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Can i use something instead of honey?

I use Marilyn's FamousWholewheat recipe and it's great.


It calls for 1/3c honey.


As I bake a lot and honey is quite expensive I was wondering if there was something I could use instead?



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I use golden syrup or sometimes malt syrup

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sefie ebrahimi

hi you can use caramel syrup instead of hony it has good taste.

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I buy a huge tim of liquid malt for about 8-10 dollars.

I lasts for ages. I use it in all of my loaves.

So even though the tin is 8-10 dollars (and thats australian) its huge and out lasts honey by far!



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We buy 5 lb. containers of local honey for $5.  That's pretty darn cheap in my book.  I use 1 lb. when making 20 loaves of WW bread so it's not too expensive in terms of per loaf.  Don't know if all people have local honey available though!  We just have a ton of beekeepers around here so it's widely available.  Always trying to support local business as I plan to bee one  hehe.