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Spelt help please

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Spelt help please

A friend gave me 50 lbs of Spelt flour and I don't know what to do with it.  Any suggestions?  I don't do sourdough recipes(too intimidating right now).

janij's picture

Replace as you would whole wheat.  Good stuff spelt is!!!!

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Mini Oven

and tasty but easy to overproof so get it into the oven sooner than regular whole wheat.  Spelt is wonderful!  You will soon be addicted.  It is great in cakes too.  Use it as you would flour.  In cookies, banana cake, cinn. rolls, everything!


Marni's picture

I agree you can sub it in for whole wheat in your breads, but we just love spelt chocolate chip cookies!  Use your favorite recipe and use at least half spelt for the flour. 


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Well, if you're game, and want to try a basic 'semi sourdough', which is great for beginners, have a look at this recipe. It takes into account the fact that spelt overprooves quite quickly.


LaurenO's picture

Thanks for all your suggestions. 

Now another question.  I just opened the bucket of spelt flour.  It looks a lot like Unbleached AP flour.  No brown specks like with WW flour.  Is this what it's supposed to look like or is this some kind of AP spelt flour?  Thanks.