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Lahey's book

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patnx2's picture

Lahey's book

Anybody read My Bread by Jim Lahey? Some one on another site called him a"genius". How is the book?  Patrick

ElbaLiz's picture

I got it as a Christmas gift.  I met Lahey at his Sullivan St. Bakery this past Nov. in NYC.  The book is great, hope to make more of his recipes, I really appreciate his over-all philosophy of baking, slow...very informative, excellent photos.

Trishinomaha's picture

I too got the book for Christmas. I've yet to try a recipe out of it but perhaps this week-end...It looks interesting and he and Mark Bittman were who got me started on bread baking years ago.

EarleG's picture

I just got it this week.  I have read half way through and am very impressed.  So much so that I just went out and bought a 5 qt. dutch oven and another 5 qt. porcelain on cast iron casserole.  I expect to try out his basic loaf this weekend.

hutchndi's picture

He writes about baking bread in pots? Does he only bake in the heavy cast iron ones you mention?