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GLUTEN - How to store?

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GLUTEN - How to store?

I have gluten ... don't use it very often ... and am not sure how to store (cabinet vs. refrigerator vs. freezer) & how long I can store it.

Comments & suggestions ... I'm counting on y'all (again) !

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I go through a lot of gluten, so I couldn't tell you how long it keeps, but I keep it in a sealed container in my pantry.  You could probably keep in in the refrigerator or freezer, but make sure that it is not susceptible to humidity or condensation.

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Even though I use vwg pretty frquently, I still store it in the freezer, but you can store it like white flour, in the pantry. Being that, for some, it's one of those things you use a little of, then sometimes you forget about until you happen to need it again, long periods may pass. I'd think it would be more likely to still be in serviceable condition if stored in the freezer, after an extended period of "neglect".

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I also keep mine in the freezer along with my yeast and home milled whole wheat flour. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and the weather is hot and humid here so I don't want to take any chances.

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I can see if one's climate is extreme, like Betty's hot and humid Texas Gulf Coast, that you might want to store it in the freezer.  But, in general, gluten is dead dead dead and, I think, can be stored the same as ap flour.


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I use mine 2 - 3 times a week so keep it in the pantry.  I always have an extra 5K bag in the basement for backup.  We live in a very cold and dry area so I never put VWG in the fridge.  But again, I use up a bag in no more than a month or two; expiration is not a concern to me.  Al

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Just thought I'd share the storage recommendation of one manufacturer. Near the bottom, left. Maybe it's the vitamin C ?

ps: Just checked Bob's Redmill site, and their recommendation: "Best kept refrigerated or frozen".