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good price for bannetons

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good price for bannetons

I just noticed the price of bannetons on the link provided on this site as 30.00. I boought mine about 4 or 5 years ago from TMB baking for about half that price (they seem to be quality tools to me, I now have 4, and use them often). I just checked their website and they still are only about 17.00 each.

here is the link:

Russ from RI

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I know because I drove over there and paid them a visit last week.  We made a family outing of it, touring the bakery school, and even got to wander into the warehouse to check out the variety they had on hand.   I bought some bannetons, and I also got a very nice pair of heavy oven gauntlets (gloves!) that fit.  I have huge hands, and had to try them on to make sure they fit.  They did, so no more burn scars on my hands (I have several already).  It was a great trip, they were extremely nice and helpful, and made us feel really welcome.


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Old Mumsy

Thanks for providing that site!  I have been improvising on tools for the moment because I keep forgetting to look around for supplies.  Luckily, the bread still turns out incredible, but it would be nice to create different loaf shapes and not to have to squeeze three loaves of French bread onto a standard baking sheet!

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Thanks so much for the link!  I tried to do the "cloth-lined colander" trick and much to my dismay the dough stuck terribly.  While I want to make the perfect loaf/shape, DH doesn't so much care as long as I don't "play" with the funds too much.  At least he gets to eat the fruits of my labor! 

Thanks again for a great link!