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Best Local sources for oven light bulbs?

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Best Local sources for oven light bulbs?

Hi. I', need suggestions for possible sourcesfor an oven interior light bulb for a 20 year old GE conventional(not convection) electric oven.

Location: Atlanta, GA.

General sources? Specifics even better.

Best online sources as last resort?

Thanks to any and all, in advance.

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Mini Oven

Refrigerator and sewing machine take similar if not the same light bulbs.  The oven normally has a glass protection cover.

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Mine has a glass protection cover. So are you saying, that with the cover, the only issue is the size of the bulb? In other words, a specialized bulb(if there is any such thing) isn't needed?

ps: What's the wattage of these bulbs? Can't read anything on this old one. It's actually about a 44 yr old bulb that was taken out of an older carcass in the basement. It is a frosted bulb. The original bulb, which burned out a few months ago, was not frosted(clear bulb).


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When ours blew out I took it over to Home Depot and they had the replacement right there on the shelf. Lowes also has them and sometimes WalMart does too. As I remember it was a little over 2 bucks for the replacement. Mattie

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Thanks a lot. On my way there(HD, tommorrow).

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They are called appliance bulbs and usually sold as 2-packs, 40 watts, smaller than regular incadescents but with the same base size.  Used to be sold everywhere.

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Thanks again to all. Now I have a better idea of what to look for.

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Before you go out and buy standard bulbs say for a sewing machine, note that most oven bulbs are special high temperature ones. They must be able to withstand the highest temperature your oven can sustain (cleaning cycle?)

Sewing machine bulbs are NOT designed to do this.

Having said this I would have thought that they are widely available in most hardware, kitchen appliance and lighting stores. Take the old one with you. I can't help you with specifics in Atlanta since I live in the UK!

However there are several on-line retailers who can be far cheaper than your local shops. For example, my cooker hood takes 12V 20W "peanut" (bi-pin) bulbs. and they cost £2-3 each in the shops. On line I can get 10 of them for £3.50 inc P&P, a masssive saving.

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an appliance parts store (check in phonebook [online or offline]


as others said, You want to get a bulb specified for use in an oven! & bring your bulb as a sample. they are NOT the same as refridge, garage door, or sewing machine bulbs!

check in appliance area of hd, lowes, ace hw etc, sears (or sears parts stoe if there is 1 by you)


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Thanks all. I just got out last night to get the bulb(s). They were only $1.87 for a pack of 2 at Walmart. I just decided to check there first as I had to pick up the Tramontina Dutch oven that I had ordered over the web, for store pick up.

In this case, looks like it is a general purpose (appliance)bulb; good for use in ovens, refrigerators, and surprisingly sewing machines(vibration resistant). It didn't say on the package, but I did a little checking around and I'm pretty sure these have a life span rating of 1500 hours.

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First bulb died tonight.

3 years + 7 months life span.

Just for my records/reference.

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will slick

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