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newbie here- ever heard of ballerup master mixer?

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newbie here- ever heard of ballerup master mixer?


stumbled upon this lovely site while searching for my first ever stand mixer!  hand whisk and hand mixer are ruining my wrists. i don't even make bread... yet.

originally wanted a bosch compact-(but started looking at least 1 year too late- no longer made).  currently fascinated with the electrolux dlx. sooo much more money, but darn interesting.

never seen anything like the electrolux until today-  its called the ballerup master mixer from denmark.  there are a few youtube videos.  googling ballerup master mixer only brought up a few pages.

but it got me wondering- if  there are a lot of traditional stand mixers to choose from- KA-dominates, cuisinart, viking, hamilton beach etc. are there other mixers, like the ballerup that directly compete with electrolux to compare apples to apples.

bosch and electrolux seem unique, kind of similar but not, to each other. 

does electrolux just dominate the market of this kind of mixer? or are there other brands that run like the electrolux that aren't talked about or not well known? 

i will probably end up buying the electrolux but i like to drive myself crazy researching everything to death before impulsively buying usually very late at night.





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researching some more- seems electrolux bought ballerup some years ago. 

so i guess electrolux really is the only one that makes this kind of mixer?

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You might check out Pleasant Hill Grain for information on various mixers, including the Bosch and Electrolux mixers.

Many TFL mebers have purchased from Pleasant Hill and give them very high marks.

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Yes electrolux is quite popular in this category but there are lot of other good brands available in the market.Why don't you take a look at Wheat Grinders .I think you'll get a nice product there,one of my friend suggested this as he's using it now.

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Please explain how a wheat grinder helps in selecting a mixer.

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Am guessing Brent21 is simply a stealth spammer - the two postings he has made promote a commercial site.  He should just bite the bullet and buy an ad from Floyd.

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I have KA myself and thought initially that it was the perfect mixer. I have found though that the stud slides out from heavy blending and that it gets rather hot when i mix my dough for more than 20 minutes. My brother has 2 really old Ballerup mastermixers. He uses one for bread and the other to mix cement to fix his house. Try to get hold of an old model if you can and you will have a mixer 4 life