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Buying/finding flour from local mill close to Oxfordshire UK

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The Whole Grain

Buying/finding flour from local mill close to Oxfordshire UK

First: Happy New Year to all!

I know this site has mainly US readers, but I thought I'd try my luck anyway.

For the holidays I am in my homeland Holland where it is quite easy to find mills selling their own products. Within a radius of about 20km (13miles) there are at least three operational grain mills that I know of.

In Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK where I currently live I find it very difficult to find mills that sell local -organic- produce. There is one close to Chipping Norton, which is not really on my route.

Would you be able to help me find more millers in or around Oxfordshire, pls?

Thanks in advance!

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How about this?  Or maybe this?  Just a couple of possibilities that I located using the Search tool located at the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Happy New Year and good hunting!



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Try this link:

You should contact John Letts.   I attended a Rise of Real Bread conference in November at one of the Colleges in Oxford.   John was one of the key speakers there; truly fascinating man.

He knows more about growing wheat than just about any one alive right now.

Hey, it's good to come across someone from UK active on the site.

I am a lecturer based in Newcastle upon Tyne; check me out on the Baker Blogs as Anandas Blog.

Best wishes


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The Whole Grain

Hi Andy,

A few weeks ago I found info about that conference in Oxford. Unfortunately I only started to make my own bread end of November, so I missed that conference.  Otherwise I certainly would have attended!


BTW:nice start of your blog.

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Apologies to those of you who have no interest in flour mills in the UK! For those of us living near Ludlow in Shropshire, there is a terrific local baker called Swift who uses flour from FWP Matthews in Chipping Norton. It comes in 1.5K bags and large sacks. Various different varieties both organic and inorganic. Looking at the map it isn't far from Oxford. Further afield is Shipton Mill in Tetbury,Gloucs.  My local mill is Bacheldre just over the border in Wales.



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The Whole Grain

Thank you for all your help.

I'll check out the links -also in the links-

Wessex mill seems close enough and seems to have good flour. I'll swing by once I'm back in the country.

After all those years I still have to get used to the much bigger distances in the UK compared to Holland. It certainly has pros and cons.

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It's good to hear of someone else baking in central England (as well as Holland!). I think there are some good flours to be had around Oxfordshire. Many organic bakeries seem to use flours from Wessex Mills and FWP Matthews. Shipton Mill also has a very good reputation.

I don't know if coming from the Netherlands you are looking for information on naturally-powered mills? This is a link to mills registered with the Traditional Cornmillers' Guild Redbournbury Mill is within 35 miles.

We visit Oxford a lot and interest in real bread seems to growing there, with initiatives like the Rise of Real Bread conference that you mention and the Oxford Bread Group, which John Letts is also involved with. You may know this, but Oxford has a Slow Food group and is also host to the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, which can take a very creative approach towards food! This year it's looking at cured, fermented and smoked foods.

If you are interested in mills selling a wide variety of grains as well as flours, Little Salkeld Watermill sells quite a wide range of organic and biodynamic flours, seeds and grains online, as though it's always nicer to visit!

Happy baking   Daisy_A