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TFL in Saveur

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TFL in Saveur

I found a copy of January/February issue of Saveur today, the one that includes TFL in the 2010 Saveur 100.

TFL gets better exposure than "Cantonese Roast Meats" or "Harumi Kurihara," less than the "Tuna Melt" or "Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups."  I can't complain.

Let me also put out a reminder to Americans that we have one final day to make contributions to charities if we want to be able to take the tax deductions in 2009.  TFL members have been extraordinarily generous when we've done fundraising in the past, and, as The Chronicle of Philathropy reports, this year charities are having a very tough time raising funds.  The needs both domestically and abroad are greater than ever and even small gifts can have a significant impact, so if you can afford to help, please do.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve.  See you in 2010!


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Floyd, that's awesome!  You ought to be very proud.  All your hard work got paid off.  Thanks for a wonderful site; we all need some baking therapy every now and then and this is the perfect place for us.  Great job!  Al

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Great to see the real thing in print!  So very cool.  This is truly wonderful site - you deserve the recognition.  Thank you for making this place exist.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2010,


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Hi Floyd,


Could you (or anybody else) please let me know what you're fundraising for (again mercy crops?) and where I can donate? I didn't find the information about it  . . .and how much money do you need to get the tax deduction and how much has already accumulated? I hope it's okay to ask as directly as I do . . . =)


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Hi Salome,

If you click through to my Fall fundraising page or click on the Mercy Corps ads on the left side of this page you can donate to Mercy Corps.

The Fresh Loaf's fall fundraiser for Mercy Corps raised over $2,600.  It was extremely impressive. 

I will add that I made a point of not making this post just about Mercy Corps.  While we would love your support, so too would your local homeless shelter, food bank, historical society, symphony, women's shelter, friends of library, or other charitable organization.  Nearly all charitable and cultural institutions are having tough times this year.

I believe any donation to a 501(c)3 charity should be tax deductable for you, but the standard disclaimer of "consult your tax professional for information pertaining to your situation" applies here.  Generally speaking there is no minimum donation size required.

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Hi Floyd,

I must have misunderstood you - I had the idea that you would get a tax reduction which you'd otherwise have to pay for this website if you can't proove that it's supporting charity. You see, I'm absolutely clueless about the american tax system.I thought I could do good twice with only one stroke; supporting both you and a good cause.

Thank you for your explanations!

I do support a couple of charities, but the taxes don't matter to me anyway - as a student I count as too poor for paying taxes... ;-)

and one last thing - I don't know what expenses you have for hosting this website and whether you can cover them with advertisement, but as it's very valuable to so many of us I think it shouldn't be a problem to find support here for this treasure of a website.


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Yes, at this point the advertising covers hosting and development costs.

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job well done.  And lots of luck with your fund-raising activities.  you're doing something great for bread and bread lovers, but something even greater for humanity.

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That's awesome. This site is wonderful and deserves it!

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Thanks Floyd, and everyone on this forum.

This site iis fantastic!  I'm loving it.


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Debra Wink

What a nice way to ring in the new year---congratulations Floyd!

And, thanks also for the reminder to give.

Happy New Year!

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I have a subscription to SAVEUR magazine and only just got a chance to look closely at the 100 list a few days ago.  I saw the photo of the buttermilk cluster and thought "Hey!! That looks familiar!" and was thrilled to see The Fresh Loaf in the 100 list. Congratulations to Floyd and all the fresh loafers!

The Fresh Loaf also gets great exposure on the SAVEUR site itself. There is a photo AND link to the Buttermilk Cluster recipe on the main page.

Too bad the one review of the buttermilk cluster recipe on SAVEUR is not so glowing. Alas, the SAVEUR kitchen played fast and loose with the FreshLoaf Buttermilk Cluster recipe by calling for 1 to 1½ cups LESS flour than Floyd suggested but the same amount of yeast, buttermilk, honey, etc.

From reading the review, it also sounds like the person didn't really understand how to use the thermometer to test the doneness of the bread

Remind me to make the buttermilk cluster the FreshLoaf way so I can go in to review the SAVEUR version and set them straight on the quantity of flour.