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first pics i've posted

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first pics i've posted

Well I've been on TFL for a while, posting a few comments, asking questions, answering the very few I might know something about, but mostly I've just been enjoying all the pictures of great bread craftsmanship. So I thought it was time I learned to post images myself.... just in case I feel something fantastic pops out of the oven.

I'm posting these loaves just because they were handy/recent. They came out very tasty. I usually make a multi-grain dough, always keeping a starter/biga in the fridge. The mix is about 1/3 Bread flour, the other 2/3 is  whole wheat, Barley and Rye. I only use general measurements till the dough looks good to me.

The only ingredients other than water are a bit of honey, some salt and yeast.

 I'm a longtime baker but  one interesting factor I recently changed was lowering the temp in my oven from 495 degs  down to 425. I feel that the higher temp makes a very hard crust very quickly and somehow impinges some of my oven spring.  Whatever the reason, the crust on these loaves was crunchy enough but not rock hard and extra tasty.


multi-grain boules

the crumb


Well the image posting process seems okay, not difficult. Let me know if this doesn't look right or if something could be better.

Thanks for all the helpful information and learning opportunities. 


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Your loaves look great and slashing most interesting! Looking forward to seeing more of your contributions.


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Your loaf looks good enough to eat. :)

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We all love pics so keep them coming!  Great job!  Al