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nutrional yeast

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Doc Tracy

nutrional yeast

Is there anything I can do with this stuff? My sweet husband came home with it because he couldn't find baking yeast last night while at the health food store. Hate to feed it to the dogs as a supplement but that's what I'd probably do.

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Vegetarians often add it to foods because it is high in B vitamins.  Here is one site that has suggested uses

But you can google it and get all kinds of ideas.


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It's supposed to be a good natural flea repellant :o)

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Doc Tracy

I think it's supposed to make their coats shiny too.

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I hesitate to share this, knowing that it doesn't sound all that great, but it truly is delicious.

Popcorn Seasoning:

Mix dry elements:

3 Tablespoons nutritional yeast

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon cumin

1/2 teaspoon kelp powder

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

Pop a large bowl of popcorn (the real stuff, in a pot, with oil, for crying out loud!), drizzle with 1/3 c. good olive oil, sparingly dash with soy sauce to taste, toss, then liberally sprinkle with the dry yeast mix. 

You'll never go back to microwave popcorn after this!


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Popcorn with nutritional yeast is so common in my neck of the woods (Sonoma County, CA) that our local art house cinema has shakers full of it so that you can dress your freshly popped and purchased p'corn. They also have shakers of garlic powder, cheddar cheese powder, parmesan cheese, ground chili powder, that cinema!

I also love nutritional yeast on my baked potato with lots of butter. Does the butter outweigh the nutritional benefits of the yeast?

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Aside from popcorn (yes, just sprinkle it on and eat it up!) I mix it with bread crumbs and use it as a coating for anything I saute, fry or oven bake.....and add it to my homemade veggie burger mixes before cooking.  It is also great sprinkled on any soup, chili or stew.....just has so many uses and is so good for you.

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With two vegetarian/vegan adult daughters (one is still, the other has introduced other foods into her diet), I used a LOT of nutritional yeast throughout the years. It adds a lot of good flavor to foods - guess you could call me a creative cook, cuz I'll try just about anything in my cooking!

If it's the flaky variety, I'd put it in a blender/food processor first so it'll blend easier in recipes. Use it as you'd use parmesan cheese - in fact, I'd mix it with almonds, a bit of salt and garlic powder to make a parmesan subsitute for them. Add it to casseroles for flavor, blend it with tofu, garlic powder and a jar of pimentos for a substitute 'cheese' (good for lacto-intolerant people - well, I'm one of those, but i still eat cheese, lol, I love it so much).Oh - and most important - soup! I now use it instead of bouillion (which I stopped using years ago anyway). My latest fav is chicken broth, veggies, a bit of chicken and white navy beans and a can of tomatoe puree - I add the nutritional yeast at the end, after everything is cooked, along with a bit of Italian seasoning. Mmm - think I'll make that today (-4 degrees 'real feel' temp here... brrrrr)

I recently read to avoid giving it to dogs for some reason or other. It's not something like chocolate or onions, which are toxic to dogs (or the sugar substitute, exlitol, which can be fatal, esp. for small dogs). I think it can make allergies worse for them (I have one dog w/a chronic condition - after a couple of thousand dollar bills from the vet, we discovered that benedryl 2X a day solved his problem... yeah... benedryl!)

Anyway, I digress (as usual, lol). In short, I never lack a use for nutritional yeast - in fact, if you read labels, you'll find nut. yeast in many.

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Doc Tracy

Does it taste better on the food than out of the container? I just tasted it. It tastes like baking yeast. Yuck!

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One of Bakers favourite tricks was to get new apprentice bakers to try a chunk of compressed yeast, it would stick to the roof of your mouth and tastes absolutely horrible, and very hard to get rid of in a hurry.
I have never been tempted to try it again.