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Chicago pizza dough blues

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Chicago pizza dough blues

I have been trying to make a Chicago deep dish pizza for over a year.  I have tried copycat recipies with so so results.  The biggest problem I have is the bottom of the pizza and the crust edge getting done, too brown, before the middle is.  I have tried different temps (my oven only goes to 500), rack heights, pizza stone underneath, cast iron pans etc.   I have no problems with thin pizza as I pre-bake my crust for a few minutes and keep my moisture levels down on veggies etc...

One other problem I have is that the crust is too thick in the area around the bottom of the pan where it meets the sides.

What am I missing?



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FYI, Cook's Illustrated recently published a recipe.  Among some key points with the dough are inclusion of some cornmeal and a technique for lamination of the dough (think flaky croissants).  They also add oil to the pizza pan (9-inch cake pans).  425 F for 20-30 min.

Mr. Peabody

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I tried the Cooks Illustrated recipe a few weeks back.  It turned out well.  I did make two pies at the same time, one cooked on my Fibrament stone, and the other on a bare rack.  The bottom crust on the pizza on the stone was a bit too dark, but tasted fine.

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Frugal Gourmet's Pizzeria Uno clone works well for me

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mrfrost is the end all/be all for all things pizza. Hundreds of formulas for dough. Free customized recipes. Individual one one one help and feedback from the very knowledgeable moderator and other members there(no offense to TFL).

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Mini Oven

You can brown the top under the broiler in the oven.  Great for one or for a party!   

Snow and Pizza,  yum!   :):):)

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made this once from memory after watching a segment on the fresh cooking show on tv can find exact recipe on the ninemsn site.  but the main process is to make a pizza topsy turvy fashion using small ovenproof bowls (preferably with a lip but not essential can use ramekins).


so first brush with olive oil, then place cheese slices, then quartered mushrooms or whatever vegies u like, then dollop over some rich thick bolognese sauce. drape over rolled out dough sealing around olived oiled rims. brush dough with olive oil before baking.


this is the only chicago pizza i know about. not sure if authentic? but really nice and different.

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forgot to add (in case its not obvious) u then flip it onto a plate to serve so ends up crust at the bottom cheese on top.