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If your only choice was white stone ground corn meal or rye flour which would you chose

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will slick

If your only choice was white stone ground corn meal or rye flour which would you chose

I was baking all day today, I got to my last item cream cheese and blue berry braid. I was very low on flour, but had just enough for the high end of what the formula called for. Well guess what it was not coming together. I scraped every flour jar i had & even emptied my dredge. No good, so my choice was add a little bit of rye flour or corn meal. I always make to wrong choice. I used corn meal now I regret it. I don't know how it will turn out the dough is resting over night in the frig. What effect will adding about 1/4 cup of corn meal have? I don't even have to ask I should have used the rye right?

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I predict that it will be delicious.  I would have used the cornmeal also.

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I'm sure it will be fine with that much corn meal. I would have used rye though.

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...that the cornmeal will provide a bit of unexpected texture, similar to shortbread I sampled recently with cornmeal in the recipe. In your situation I would have used the rye (just because it's flour), but I'd be curious to know the final effect of the cornmeal on your creation. Let us know!

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will slick

Thanks guys, This is the third time I made these and I always get rave reviews. The stone ground cornmeal Is kind of like flour not coarse like polenta. I did notice that little bit of crunch. Today I made a savory braid with oreganata bread from a post by  dstroy coincidently this formula called for a 1/4 cup of polenta in the dough. Thanks again and merry christmas

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There is a wonderful cornmeal cake the italians make.