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Small batches in DLX

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Small batches in DLX

I'm still undecided on what kind of mixer to buy or if I should even buy one at all.  It's not that hard for me to do it by hand.  Still; toys are good.

I try to make three different breads each week but since there are only two of us I sometimes prepare as little as 20 ounces of dough at a time.  I do occasionally make much larger batches.

Will the DLX properly knead this small of an amount?

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I agree, toys are fun. But, if all you are making are single loaf batches, the DLX isn't the ideal tool/toy to use. All of the home stand mixers work better with a larger batch. Maybe a bread machine would be a better fit for mixing and developing such a small amount of dough.

Learning to mix and develop by hand your family bread is a noble endeavor.


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I don't think the DLX would work well with only 20 oz of dough.  It works okay for a 2 loaf batch, but best I think with a 4 loaf batch.  I agree with Eric, hand mixing for that amount is probably better.

But if you need an excuse to ge the toys, well do you make cakes and stuff?  You could always agrue for it on that side.:)


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I only bake for myself and friends so I'm a small batcher too. I used my bread machine at first (and still do) on the dough only cycle, but ... yeah I like toys. I bought the the Bosch Compact and I'm very happy with it. It's a smaller version of the Bosch Universal but it will take a good range of dough amounts. Most formulas in the often cited bread books make 2 loaves, I usually do half the batch. I also do a lot of 1lb loaves. Some of the more heavy whole grain loaves have made my bread machine bog down a bit and I try to avoid this stress and strain. "Baby Bosch" handles it just fine.

Google Bosch and you'll get some info. It has attatchments for shredding, blending, & grinding too. It won't wash and fold you laundry though. LOL

Good luck with this;...and bake on.