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I'm new to bread baking. So far i have only  tried making sandwich bread. Unfortunately I havent been very successful with it.

i would appreciate any help with ideas and recipes suggestions. I'm really new to this and dont know much bout baking breads.



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Welcome to TFL, Sally,

As an aside, typing in all caps is the same as screaming in cyberspace - you don't need to do that here as TFL members are eager to help.

There are a couple of tabs on the main page titled "Lessons" and "Handbook."  As a new baker, I think you'll find helpful information contained in those sections.

Happy baking!


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don't despair.  when i started with TFL in February this year, I knew nothing - nada - zilch - about baking bread.  as a beginner, expect to have some initial disasters, but do persist.  i managed to come up with beautiful loaves, soft rolls, sweet buns - thanks to the gracious and generous help of members here.  i have learned so much.  next year, i will graduate into sourdough, and actually started my starter last night.

may i suggest:

a)  borrow as many bread books as you can from your local library (you might be inspired by peter reinhart, Bread Baker's Apprentice).

b)  surf cyberspace with your keywords "baking bread", "bread tutorials", "bread for beginners" etc.

c)  when you have a specific recipe, you can then narrow your help question.

and as lindy said, TFL has some wonderful tutorials and handbooks!

keep us posted on your progress!

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so sorry if i offended anyone wit the caps..... jus desperate, thanx tho..

i jus tried out another loaf sandwich bread in the bread maker. after reading and using the advice on TFL, my loaf looks pretty good!!!!

i think i was using way too much yeast...

thanx again

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This is not splet but it is a very good hamburger bun, I got it from KenK on these boards but I do not know how to find the link, sorry!   

 Here is KenK's recipe:

12 3/4 ozs all purpose flour (I use KAAP)

2 TBLS dry milk (found some in my cubbard)

1 TBLS sugar (I used Agave Nectur)

1 1/4 Tps salt

2 Tps instant yeast (I used active dry yeast, but buns took longer to rise so I got some instant yeast, NO WAIT TIME, it is faster) 

8 ozs warm water

2 TBLS melted butter

(makes eight big buns or one 4.5 x 8 loaf)

Mix all together and knead by hand for 10 mins. or use your food processor or dough hook.   Let rise in oiled bowl covered for an hour (takes longer with active dry yeast)  form into 8 balls and place on sheet pan; cover and let rise for another hour.  Press ball of dough out into a circle about  the size of the finished buns then fold the edge over to the center and press down. Repeat 5-6 times around the edge, flip over and press back down with the palm of your hand, (this is like the Kaiser Roll method) I just pressed my ball of dough down ,it worked fine for me cause I am no Kaiser roll maker guru. Bake at 350F. 

This is the best hamburger bun recipe I have made and I stop looking the first time I made these buns even though the first was a disaster! I just liked the way they tasted and decided to just perfect my style which is none but I am getting there cause I am new to baking bread also.