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Parchment paper

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Parchment paper

I recently used the last of a very old roll of Reynolds parchment paper.  The new roll (also Reynolds) that I bought does not seem to me to be as good.  How do the sheets that King Arthur sells compare?

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KAF sells parchment sheets for about $20 - I can buy the same amount for about $4 at my local restaurant supply store - plus they are flat full sheets which I can cut in half or even quarters and not have to fight rolled paper.

I'd get out the Yellow Pages or do a web search for restaurant supply stores in your area.



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If getting to the restaurant supply store is more than you want to do (or if they won't sell to individuals like the ones close to me :-(  then, another source for it is  I've asked "Santa" for some from there for Christmas!  The service that I got on my last order was great!

Chasing Imperfection

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Muffin Man

I used the rolled paper for a while, but now having used the flat sheets, I won't use them again.  The flat sheets are so much better to use.  Perhaps a local baker will sell you some.

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Our local restaurant supply has them in squares or circles -- sized from ~6" and up.. Prices seem cheap starting at around $2 for the smaller items up to around $60 for the larger sheets (1000 ct).. I'm hoping to get over there tomorrow..

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The trouble is; I would use a lot more than $20 worth of gasoline, not to mention my time, going to the nearest restaurant supply store or a bakery.  The hundred sheets should last two years.

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I have been using KAF parchment sheets, and I like them. They're expensive, about $20/100 sheets, but I have been able to reuse them, depending on what I'm baking and how (i.e., on a half sheet pan). If I can get them for less elsewhere, I will, but I am pleased with them, and they fit my half sheet pans perfectly, and my baking stone, as well.  Certainly beats dealing with a roll of parchment.

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I started using rolled parchment paper because it had a higher temperature rating (450F) than any of the sheets I could find. When I place it onto the preheated stone, I just quickly touch any corners that stay curved; the whole sheet quickly relaxes to flat.

I also don't see why you couldn't cut it ahead of time and store it flat.

My roll of "Baker's Mate" parchment is 8.23 metres by 38 cm and costs about $2.50 Canadian.

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 I just use magnets.  There are heavy duty ones  (i"x1/4" -larger or smaller) There are also some small heavy weights found around mines and usually sold in big jars in the giftshops associated with the mines.  Uncurles the sheets and keep loaded sheets from slipping off baking sheet.  I keep mine in a tube. It fits in the drawere with the foil, plastic wrap, etc  Pam

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I use rolled parchment paper. After I cut the size that I need I just krinkle it up a little and it lays flat enough to work with.

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.... you can also lay it with the concave side down so it lies better, or "roll it back up backwards" to take the curl out.

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I get a huge roll of it from Costco - forgot the exact size and price, but it's cheap and working great. I use it to proof all my doughs on, never had any problems.

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I to use costco Parchment, 250 sq feet, C$ 8.50, WallMat 150 Sq Feet C$ 3.50

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I like my rolled parchment , but I'd like to find out what 

"natural" parchment is? 

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Most all "parchment" papers are white because they are bleached. There is at least one brand that is unbleached, so it is brownish in color. The brand is called If You Care and is carried in at least some Whole Foods stores(I believe).

I am not sure this is what natural parchment is, but I think that's probably it.

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I found If You Care parchment paper in one of my local supermarkets, Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace.  However, I believe these markets are only found in Long Island, NY (not sure about that).  I also have a Whole Foods nearby but I haven't checked it out for the parchment paper yet.  Hope this helps!  Genie