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Challenge accepted and met

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will slick

Challenge accepted and met

I have been sending my wife to work with some breads I bake the last few weeks. The girls at her office liked them so much I was drafted to bake the cake for there holiday party tomorrow. When my wife came home and told me, I was like cake? I have not baked any kind of cake in five years. Her response was OK then I'll tell them you can't do it. Wait a minute not so fast I did bake a mean Brooklyn black out cake back then. Challenge excepted. Now these ladies had a very specific cake in mind, they wanted yellow cake, lemon filling and vanilla frosting with shredded coconut. Here is my answer to there request. every part of the cake was made from scratch. the lemon filling tastes so good I could eat the whole bowl plain. the frosting was a little to sweet for my taste. The little piece of cake I tasted was fine. I hope they save me a slice. Here is the link to the formula I used.

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Congrats. Nice work.

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getting any back.  It's amazing how the most weight-conscious will make exceptions for something that looks that good, is home-made, and offered during the holidays.

Looks great!


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I like the vanilla bean/lemon slice garnish.  It pretty well announces what you're about to experience before you cut into the cake.  Nice touch.

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will slick

Well the verdict is in there was none left to bring home to me. So i guess that says it was a success. Everyone enjoyed the cake, they said the tartness of the filling was an eye opening experience. Paula Dean said in her video on this cake that the lemon filling was quite tart so i think I managed to replicate her results! Thanks for your kind words, The doctor my wife works for said he would like more cakes but after the holidays. So it looks like I'll be baking more sweets. About the garnish My original plan was to grate the coconut myself and use a lemon wedge, piece of coconut and a vanilla bead as the garnsh. That did not happen i used a bag of ready shredded coconut.

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Beautiful job!!  I adore lemon and coconut, and white cake...I would have loved it too!