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Hi All
Gardening Season in New England is just about over (a few herb plants left that I can use) and now onto Baking! We'll be focusing on breads for the next few weeks. Always happy to post recipes if anyone is interested, just let us know.

You'll see the profile photo of myself with my sweet apprentice! I'm thrilled she has expressed interest in good old fashioned home baking. There is NOTHING like baking from scratch. The aroma fills the house, everyone walks thru the door and can't help but smile and express interest in what that great smell is..and the loaves are magically gone!

We'll post photos along the way. Making Country White Bread at the moment. The family fav from way back when my oldest, now in college, was a toddler. I had gotten away from baking for some years with all the activities and fun family adventures that kept us very busy, I'm thrilled to be baking's is almost meditative.

I have so many stories to tell in future blogs. My mom-in-law has been a wealth of knowledge regarding the baking that her older sister and mother did back in the day. Will tell, promise.

God Bless and Merry Christmas...just around the corner now. I want to appreciate every moment of every day.


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Hi and welcome to the board.

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Welcome to TFL.  Merry Christmas to you too!  Al

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thanks so much for your nice notes. This is an incredible website, did Floyd design it? I see he posts a lot, just wondering..anyway glad to be here. I'm setting it as my home page : )

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Hi, cathy.

Welcome to TFL!

Looking forward to reading more about your baking.

Both of my sons are great cooks, but neither is into baking bread. I'm hoping one of my grandchildren will want to bake with me someday.


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Welcome, Cathy. 

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Hi everyone  I am going to use this blog to update folks on what I have been baking and also remind myself of the recipes I see on here (photos to drool over) that I wish to make in the I saw LIGHT RYE BREAD. I must try it. 

Now I'm looking into Struan, reading PR's Brother Junipers Bread the spiritual metaphors! Anyway the STRUAN has me intrigued. 

Today I shall start with his first recipe in that book...SWEET FRENCH BREAD. Tomorrow I hope to move onto the WHOLE WHEAT FRECH BREAD. I'd like to cook my way thru every book I now have. I am DETERMINED!!! to find other breads for my fam to love. The COUNTRY WHITE BREAD I've been making for 20 years is awesome I'll admit but it isn't good for them. Better than store-bought but we must get away from all white carbs. That is my mission for the upcoming year. 

I was fortunate enough to order a Viking Mixer (from my fam to me) for Chrismtas last year and all the books. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This year I am going to focus on new breads. And new techniques. You know what I would love (will never buy of course) but a sheeter for making croissants. : ) I've watched a few youtibe videos in awe of this being used.

So for now...knowledge from my books and focus on new recipes. I even rearranged my kitchen for more easily accessible baking, more resourceful than decorative. Being so small it was a necessity. And it feels great to know where every measuring spoon is at all times.

Must get baking, have a great day. I have no idea who will read this or find it so I may just be journaling to myself : )  

I'll try to have a great day too. LOL 


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Hi all..happened upon a KAF sale today every bag was at least one dollar less than tier site. This is in Boston area (Massachusetts). Not sure all  Stop and Shops in New England have the same sale. Maybe give them a call first. 

I spent a lot more time in the baking aisle today but now I am set for a long while.