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Budget Stone

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Budget Stone

If you are on a budget and looking for a stone, I saw round pizza stones with handles at Big Lots last night for $10.  I'm not sure the quality of these stones, but $10 is a good price if you really need to watch the bottom line and not up for experimenting with floor tiles.  

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I'm not a big fan of handles on my baking stone, but at the price you posted I'd give it a try.  Like you, I'm not convinced that tiles made for uses other than baking are good for anything in the oven.  If they're not manufactured for food use I don't use 'em.

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at Walmart several months ago.  The "handles" were an actual metal cradle to house the baked pizza on the stone.

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vince hav

i dont know if this store is a chain store or not but i bought a bakeing stone,pizza peel, andn pizza reciepe book combo at a store called Kitchen Collections for $15.  that store has everything i think for such a small store.