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Great sale on KA mixers today only!

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Great sale on KA mixers today only!

Hey folks, I just got an email from WIlliams Sonoma saying the KA 610 mixer is $100 off regular price. Add the $50 rebate from KA and you can get a PRo 600 series for $250!


FYI, I dont work there just thought ya'll would like to know!  Ijust bought one 2 days ago and am taking it back to get the extra $$$ off! :)




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The site says they are no longer available. :(


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WOW that was quick!! Call you local store and see if they have them. Im headed to mine now.

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When I checked, only the nickel model was available, but by the time I ordered, it was also sold out.  Local Williams-Sonoma is also out of stock.  Maybe they'll run the sale again some time

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Dancing Bear

Yeah, I got the message Sunday morning.  Darnit.