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Brown Bread

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Paddy the Baker

Brown Bread

Hi there 

this is all new to me, I have just started baking an Irish Brown bread, it contains, whole meal flour, Bran, wheat germ, treacle and milk. It tastes great and i have started to sell it into local shops in Sydney, i just need to know how long i can expect it to stay fresh and should i be doing anything to make sure it stays fresh for longer. Thanks.

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Mumsie Leonie

What kind of shelf life do you have with it now.  I tend to add lecithin granules or oil to my final dough( 1 tablespoon to 3 cups of flour).  It generally adds 3 days to the shelf life keeping the soft, moist texture of the loaf. 

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may I ask where you buy your whole meal flour? At a regular supermarket, specialty shop or mail order? King Arthurs Flour sells it but they are all out of stock right now : (

happy baking

cathy aka gardenchef