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Chanterelle, Goat Cheese, and Truffle Oil Pizza

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Chanterelle, Goat Cheese, and Truffle Oil Pizza

Several months ago my husband and I went to ZaZu's, a local, wine-country restaurant, to try one of their wood-fired oven pizzas. This road-house style restaurant which features local, sustainable food is our favorite place to eat out. Unfortunately it's pretty pricey so we only go their for special occasions. We ordered a chanterelle mushroom, Laura Chenel goat cheese, truffle oil pizza garnished with pea shoots that was paired with three half-glasses of local pinots. The whole meal was delicious. Since Friday nights are usually pizza nights here and the chanterelles are currently so abundant and lovely looking, I thought I'd try to re-create that pizza. Unfortunately, my attempt was pretty successful. We're now totally hooked on those pricey chanterelles.

For the crust I used two 6-1/2 oz. balls of Classic French Bread from Peter Reinhart's latest book. Any pizza dough that you like would work just fine.

I think another great base for this pizza would be the quick rustic ciabatta pizza:

After shaping each pizza, I brushed it with some White Truffle Oil that I purchased from Costco (I think it was about $20 for a bottle). Just in case anyone wants to argue that this product isn't real truffle oil :-) let me just say that whatever it is, it is absolutely delicious!

I sautéed 8 ounces of sliced chanterelles in a little bit of the truffle oil and used half on each pizza.

I topped each with 2 ounces of Laura Chenel Chabis goat cheese.

I baked each pizza on a well-preheated stone (550º) for about 9 minutes. I drizzled each finished pizza with a little more truffle oil and a sprinkling of kosher salt.

Pea shoots would have been a great garnish, but alas I didn't plan far enough in advance to produce them. I served the pizza with a simple salad of watercress and tomatoes from our garden dressed with an herb-shallot vinaigrette.



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Pizza Pie!  Beautifully done and wonderful combination of ingredients.  You have given such a great example why pizza is so popular, delicious and never gets boring. This is California style pizza at it's best...very healthy and delicious.  I loved the video.


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I love the thumbs up. Thanks, Sylvia. Great picture!


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The combination of chanterelles, goat cheese, and truffle oil is magical! ZaZu's really gets the credit for the idea. I only copied it.


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To tease us with such a decadent pie!


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What a great pizza!  I would love to have a piece!

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Mini Oven

I'm sending the boys out mushroom picking!  Maybe they can still find some.  Beautiful!

I got one question, how do you squeeze oil out of a truffle?


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It really is an addictive combination of flavors. I think I saw that Walmart of all places sells White Truffle Oil.


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... some chanterelles; never did in this country. Back home in Switzerland for sure though! Your pizza looks absolutely gorgeous.

Mini, I don't think oil is being squeezed out of truffles, it's more that the oil is infused with their flavor, I believe.

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Chanterelles on pizza - looks great!  I wish that our season wasn't over, especially since we had such a good one this year.  It rained at just the right times and we had chanterelles in the park near our house nearly all summer:

I'll have to save your delicious idea for next year!


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This looks great! I always have these ingredients on hand and use goat cheese often on pizza.  But haven't put the three of them together. I will now that you have shown such a beautiful pizza using these ingredients.



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made me so hungry for it  I could just taste it. And the pictures were great, totally cruel. I loved the video. Makes me homesick for something I've never had. It's hard when you get ruined by the best. You just don't want to settle for anything less.